You can now VOLUNTEER with us. We are seeking folks with basic carpentry skills to help de-commission the benches that were used by the previous group that occupied the Greenhouse at the ACT Center. This space is where we will be building our aquaponics demonstration project.

If you are interested, please download the Application Form (a Word document), fill it in, save it on your computer, and email as an attachment to our Volunteer Committee Chair. If that link doesn't open up your mail software, the email address is "".

This form bears an uncanny resemblance to the City of Edmonton Volunteer Application form. That's because it is an unashamed copy, almost verbatim, of their form. You'll eventually use their form when we get to the Go Public phase of our journey. We are a ways off from that moment, though.

In the upcoming months we will begin the fundraising and construction process. At that time we will put a notice here requesting folks with other skills and interests to step forward. Until then, please stay tuned.

Please drop us a note if you wish to be added to our mailing list and receive updates as we move forward. Please see the Contact page for links to our facebook page and email addy.


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