Our PROJECT will look something like the image to the right. Based on the CDC South model it will consist of 4 fish rearing tanks, another series of tanks for solids management, pumps and plumbing, and a raft tank for growing the veggies and herbs.

The space is a south facing room with glazing on the south and west walls. It is located within the City of Edmonton's ACT Aquatic and Recreation Center at Rundle Park. There will be an opportunity to utilize some of the room for vermicomposting, seedling propogation, and water quality monitoring. Our goal is to ensure the space offers completely barrier free access.

The location is perfect for providing visitors an opportunity for a side-trip to learn about our project even though they may have come onto the grounds and into the building for another purpose.

Who knows... maybe at some point in the future we can add photovoltaic panels, rainwater catchment, and solar hot water collectors onto the roof to demonstrate that this technology defines sustainable!

TIMELINE (Most Recent at Top)

WINTER 2014:

Derek solved leak and air delivery issuse on mini-system. Now to move on to the raft tank and heater

Rob and John have renewed committment to help out. Will also look for support from Ryan and Dean

Derek decided to postpone studies for a few months to focus on projects like this one


Derek finished (and passed;) his four classes and managed some time for project over break

Derek entered his fall studies with four classes, including three labs and a seminar = no time for project

Many issues with leaks and air delivery for air lifts - filling, emptying, taking apart, rebuilding... frustration

Derek spent as much time on project as possible, but vehicle issues to get here were very problematic


Thanks to Dean for cutting, rewelding, and painting the metal legs for low bench (Derek installed them)

Delays to acquire special sized air fittings slowed down progress

Derek finished his Winter and Spring studies at the end of June (more time for project)

Derek began accumulating needed materials required to move project forward

Derek began research on using Blackworms for bio-reactor

Derek, Rob, and Ryan continued working on project when time allowed

Derek returned to full-time studies to complete his BSc degree (which impacted his time for project)

AUTUMN 2012:

Derek travelled to Toronto for three days to attend the first aquaponics course in Canada organised by Noa Fisheries (thanks to Food and Beverage Canada for providing cost-share funding to go)

John cleared the greenhouse (except for cabinets), Derek and Rob prepped and painted floor, and then John moved everything back in

finished plumbing supply rework, then continued cabinet installation

received floor paint donation from Behr Paint

John, Rob, and Derek attended one day workshop at CDC North

SUMMER 2012:

had a 'wash day' with John, Rob, Ryan (and friend), Marc-Anthony, Sean, and Derek cleaning barrels and cabinets

rework plumbing supply pipes to accomodate cabinet layout (thanks to Jeff the plumber and Rob P.), then continued cabinet installation

worked with City of Edmonton to repair some plumbing issues so we could begin cabinet installation

SPRING 2012:

met with Dr. Nick Savidov for tour of CDC North where mini-systems from CDC South had been relocated

received donation of PVC pipe and fittings from Fabco Plastics

Marc-Anthony and Derek transported cabinets from U of A to ACT (during spring snow storm)

received donation of cabinets from University of Alberta

received donation of 3 - 200L barrels from Bubbles Carwash

WINTER 2012:

first AGM with Board of Directors and new members

published our first newsletter (with some meat on its bones)

recived cash donation from Kevin Russell

AUTUMN 2011:

decommssion the 'Options in Bloom' (previous tenant) plant benches so we could use the cedar for our project

first contact from patron Kevin Russell

met with Dr. Nick Savidov and bioengineer Marc Legault at Agri-Food Discovery Place in Edmonton to discuss their progress with 4th generation system design manual and move to Red Hat Co-op

SUMMER 2011:

second visit to CDC South in Brooks, Ab

arived at a Memorandum of Agreement with the City of Edmonton for use of the ACT Greenhouse

SPRING 2011:

meetings with the City of Edmonton Volunteer Services Coordinator, Enviso Director, ACT Operations, a city engineer, City of Edmonton Infrastructure and Operations managers and communication with Dr. Nick Savidov about our proposed use of the space and potential humidity issues that might impact the building structure

WINTER 2011:

received non-profit status from the Province of Alberta

AUTUMN 2010:

formed our first Board of Directors and applied for non-profit registration with the Province of Alberta

SUMMER 2010:

July 25: information session at Milner Library with Dr. Nick Savidov as guest speaker

worked with the City of Edmonton Volunteer Sevices Coordinator to write a draft of the Society bylaws

SPRING 2010:

launched first version of EAS website

WINTER 2010:

began writing code for first version of EAS website

AUTUMN 2009:

maintained contact with Edmonton Volunteer Services about planning progress

SUMMER 2009:

July 17: first visit to CDC South facility in Brooks, Ab

June 23: distributed flyers about proposed aquaponics project at a City Hall rally organized by the Greater Edmonton Alliance about agricultural land being re-zoned for develpment

June 3: first contact with Volunteer Service Coordinator with City of Edmonton requesting info on the use of the Greenhouse space at the Rundle Park ACT Center


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