President: Derek Reid

Derek shares an interest with a lot of folks about the future of our freshwater resources. This interest is perhaps better described as a passion, which evolved while growing up across the street from the South Saskatchewan River. His family also enjoyed a cabin at Pike Lake where the water was 20 feet from the front door. As a young adult, Derek earned a diploma in the two year Renewable Resource Technology program from Kelsey Institute. As a mature student, he is working towards a degree in Ecology/Environmental Biology. Derek has also been a lifetime, self-taught, student of architecture, industrial design, and alternative energy.

Derek learned about aquaponics through his freshwater science studies at UBC Okanagan. While researching a class presentation on constructed wetlands, he recalled a vivid memory from many years earlier of a documentary about the New Alchemy Institute. Once he began tracing the developments from their work, and others, using closed polyculture systems that try to emulate natural processes, the path naturally led to the exciting potential of aquaponics.

Derek lives on a small acreage near the city. There he has embarked on an experiment to shift towards living a simpler life, one that embraces a net-zero approach to providing food, shelter, and transportation.

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