The very kindly PATRONS of our project are acknowledged below.


Kevin Russell

Kevin considers himself lucky to have a job where his success provides more than enough to live on. Although a relatively young man, Kevin's desire to use some of his extra money to help out with a worthy cause speaks to his maturity.

He also believes that developed countries, especially like ours in northern climates, must find ways to produce food that uses less energy. "We are moving from an era of cheap, abundant energy to scarce and expensive energy, and we are going to have to conserve energy wherever we can. Our society today uses an extreme amount of energy in producing food, and I believe that Aquaponics could present a major solution to that problem; from all the research I have looked at, Aquaponics has the ability to produce food with a lot less energy than conventional methods," Kevin says.

Kevin is so convinced as to the viability of aquaponics that his third reason for supporting our cause is "an investment in knowledge". By helping the Edmonton Aquaponics Society financially, we have agreed to provide him with all of the data and experience we compile, from the capital costs of starting up a small operation and what equipment is required, to operating costs, methods, and productivity. He plans on using our facility as one of the learning tools that may lead to starting an operation of his own.

He hopes that his donation, a cash contribution of $2500, aids in the success of this project. We cannot express in words how much this means to us, to have this intelligent young man believe in us enough to plunk down his hard earned dough, with only his good faith in our ability to pull off what he hopes we can. Mr. Russell, we thank you, and we will honor our agreement so that we can not only offer you whatever we can as we move forward, but will also be able to share that information with our community, with our region, and from the numbers of emails we are beginning to get from abroad, with our global community.

Any other altruistic visionaries out there...?


Bubbles Carwash

When we contacted the good folks at Bubbles about the possibility of getting our hands on some barrels to build our mini-system they were quick to jump up and say yes. We've hinted that we may be back for more when its time to build our "family-sized" system.

Fabco Plastics

When you speak to people about Aquaponics, explain what potential it has, and show them what we are planning on doing to share that knowledge with our community, there is usually a pretty big Aha! moment. The folks at Fabco "got it" enough to donate all of the PVC pipe and fitting we'll need for the mini-system. That's a few hundred bucks worth, so we were thrilled when they agreed to help!

Behr Paint

We approached a Behr Paint representative at a local 'big box' store. The response was almost immediate and very positive... they agreed to supply us with about $300 worth of epoxy floor paint to give the tired old greenhouse floor some new life. Check out the photos (coming soon) and see what a difference it made. And that difference is not superficial; when a large corporation gets involved at the grass roots (please excuse the pun) it shows they take their responsibility for giving back to the community seriously.


City of Edmonton ACT Center

This is the location where our project is being constructed. The staff at the ACT center are the most helpful, friendly, supportive bunch of civic employees you'd be fortunate enough to partner with. The fact that we are able to use the greenhouse at the ACT is also largely due to the efforts of individuals in the City's Volunteer Services and Enviso offices. We hope to follow in the footsteps of the prior tenant, Options in Bloom, and strive for the same level of excellence in community service that they achieved.

University of Alberta Facilities and Operations

The Project Management Office hooked us up with the Maintenance Team who were decommissioning a lab to provide us with all of the cabinets, two countertops, a sink, and some counter support legs that we will use. This huge gesture allows us to convert an empty shell into a first rate facility to conduct our research and offer tours in a space we are both comfortable in and proud of. Check out our Facebook page (soon) for some photos of them being installed.


If you have something to offer that we can use... cash or equimpent, then please give us a shout and we'd be happy to add your name, or your company's name, to the above list.

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